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New Product CNC Lathe Machine CK0620A

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New Product CNC Lathe Machine CK0620A

CK0620A2 CNC lathe is a practical and economical lathe developed according to the actual needs of the majority of machining users. It is simple and practical, convenient to operate, and has high processing accuracy. It can process complex parts such as straight lines, tapers, arcs, and threads. It is particularly suitable for single-piece and mass-produced products with complex parts such as various instruments, meters, electronics Products, miniature components, connectors, glasses, clocks, lighters and various hardware accessories.

The programming language uses ISO codes that conform to international standards and is optimized for specific situations. Since the CNC lathe was put on the market, users have used it well and received widespread praise.


Specification CK0620A
rated voltage 3 phase AC 380V
rated frequency 50HZ
total input power 3.2kw
Minimum setting unit 0.001mm
Minimum moving unit X 0.0005mm
Minimum moving unit Z 0.001mm
maximum program size ±9999.999
Cutting speed 1–4000mm/min
X rapid travel speed 15000mm/min
Z rapid travel speed 18000mm/min
Max. bar throught hole Φ20mm
spindel through diameter Φ21mm
Max. revolving dia. Φ200mm
Spindle center height from the ground 1000mm
Spindle speed range 0-5000r/min
spindle motor power 2.0kw
X stroke 300mm(diameter value)
Z stroke 200mm
X axis servo motor power 0.4kw
Z axis servo motor power 0.4kw
Guideway Linear guideway
Cutting motor power 0.09kw
Capacity of coolant container 150L
Motor power 25W
Capacity 1L
Input air pressure 0.4–0.6Mpa
L*W*H 1068*980*1450
Weight 610kg

Finished Workpieces

  1. Adding the center frame can process the slender shafts like the heart machine, and the size of the center frame chuck can be adjusted finely.

  2. Economical, easy to operate.

It is suitable for mass processing and single-piece processing of various precision parts such as processing instruments, meters, electronic connectors, optics, auto parts, and small hardware. It can meet various turning requirements of different users.

Dedicated to the policy of precision and promotion from stability, the group spares no effort in innovation, improvement, integrity management and insured quality.

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