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Operating Conditions for CNC Lathe Machine

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Operating Conditions for CNC Lathe Machine

The normal operation of CNC lathe equipment needs to meet the following conditions: the power supply voltage of the machine tool is small, the ambient temperature is below 30 degrees, and the relative temperature is below 80%.

1.Power requirements.

The general CNC lathe device is in the machining site, not only the environmental temperature changes greatly, the application conditions are poor, there are many kinds of electromechanical equipment, and the power grid shakes greatly. Therefore, the direction of installing CNC lathe needs to strictly control the power supply voltage. The fluctuation of power supply voltage needs to be relatively stable within the allowable scale. Otherwise, the normal operation of the NC system will be affected.

2.Environmental requirements.

The orientation of the machine tool shall be far away from the vibration source to prevent the influence of direct sunlight and thermal radiation, humidity and air flow. If there is a vibration source near the machine tool, anti vibration grooves shall be set around the machine tool. Otherwise, it will directly affect the machining accuracy and stability of the machine tool, poor contact and failure of electronic components, and affect the reliability of the machine tool.

3.Standard machine tools.

When using the machine tool, the user is not allowed to arbitrarily change the parameters set by the manufacturer in the control system. The setting of these parameters is directly related to the dynamic characteristics of each part of the machine tool. Only the clearance compensation parameter value can be adjusted according to practice. Users cannot replace machine tool accessories at will. For example, use a hydraulic chuck that exceeds the specifications in the manual. When setting accessories, the manufacturer shall fully consider the matching of parameters in each link. Blind replacement leads to inconsistent parameters in all links, and even unpredictable events. The pressure of hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tool rest, hydraulic tailstock and hydraulic cylinder shall not be increased arbitrarily within the allowable stress scale.

4.Temperature conditions.

The ambient temperature of CNC lathe is below 30 ℃ and the relative temperature is below 80%. Generally speaking, the CNC control box is equipped with exhaust fan and cooling fan. The working temperature of electronic components, especially the CPU, is stable or the temperature difference changes little. Too high temperature and humidity will reduce the service life of control system components and increase faults. With the increase of temperature and humidity, the increase of dust will stick to the integrated circuit board, resulting in short circuit.

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