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Application of CNC Machines

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Application of CNC Machines


      Aerospace industry requires a large number of precision, high-speed and small and medium-sized  CNC machines,such as precision CNC lathe, five axis machining center, high precision electrical machining machine, high precision universal grinding machine and jig grinding machine. Aviation industry, the manufacture of aircraft wings, fuselage, tail and engine parts needs a large number of high-speed five-axis machining centers,high-speed gantry mobile machining centers, precision CNC lathes, horizontal machining centers, boring and milling centers, CNC machines for precision gears and thread machining.

Shipbuilding industry urgently needs heavy-duty gantry boring and milling machine, CNC floor type boring and milling machine,large CNC lathes,CNC turning and milling centers, large CNC gear hobbing machine, crankshaft boring and milling machines, large crankshaft turning and milling centers and  crankshaft grinding machine.

Automotive industry is a major demand for machines, accounted for about 40% of total consumption.Automotive industry needs a large number of efficient, high-performance, dedicated CNC machines and flexible production lines, such as high speed horizontal machining center and special CNC machines for crankshaft machining. The production of auto parts requires a large number of CNC lathes, vertical /horizontal machining centers, CNC grinding machines and CNC gear hobbing machines.

The demand for CNC machines in weapons manufacturing is huge and wide , requiring CNC machine to be  reliable and stable. The weapon manufacturing industry requires a large number of CNC lathes, vertical machining centers, five-axis machining centers, gantry boring and milling machine, boring and milling machining centers, and gear hobbing machines.

In addition to the above industries, other industries also need CNC machines,such as power generation equipment industry,metallurgical equipment industry,and construction machinery.

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