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Characteristics of WMTCNC Vertical Lathe Machine

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Characteristics of WMTCNC Vertical Lathe Machine

The vertical lathe is mainly used for processing large and heavy workpieces with large diameter and short length and workpieces that are not easy to be clamped on horizontal lathes. When the swing diameter is satisfied, the workpiece that is too heavy is not easy to be clamped in the horizontal lathe. Due to its own weight, it has an impact on the machining accuracy, and the vertical lathe can solve the above problems.



Vertical lathes are large-scale mechanical equipment used to machine large and heavy-duty workpieces with large radial dimensions and relatively small axial dimensions and complex shapes. Such as various discs, wheels and sleeves of the cylindrical surface, end face, conical surface, cylindrical hole, conical hole and so on. lt can also be machined, spheroidal, contoured, milled and ground with an additional device.

Compared with the horizontal lathe, the workpiece is clamped on the inside of the clip decoration of the horizontal lathe. The axis of the vertical lathe spindle is vertical, and the tabletop is in a horizontal plane, so the clamping and alignment of the workpiece are convenient. This arrangement reduces the load on the spindle and bearings, so the vertical lathe can maintain working accuracy for a longer period of time.

(2)Structural characteristics

1. The main gearbox is hydraulic shifting; the table speed is selected by the manual rotary valve and is realized by electro-hydraulic operation.

2. Vertical tool holder, the hydraulic system is equipped with a pressure maintaining device.

3. The beam clamping mechanism is clamped by a spring and the hydraulic pressure is released.

4. A digital display device is available.

5. The main gearbox and table spindle support and transmission are automatically lubricated.

6. Main drive belt tension, spindle bearing clearance, vertical ram nut clearance and beam clamping force are adjustable.

7. The feeding mechanism has a safety device.

8. The beam of CJ5710 fixed beam vertical lathe is fixed without stroke, without side tool holder.

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