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Classification and function of band sawing machine

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Classification and function of band sawing machine

1 Overview

Band sawing machine is mainly used for sawing carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, high alloy diamond, special alloy steel, stainless steel, acid resistant steel and other alloys and metal materials. With the development of saw blade skills, ordinary glass, monocrystalline silicon and gem blank gradually enter the sawing menu.


The main components are: base, bed, column, saw beam and transmission organization; Saw blade guide equipment; Workpiece clamping equipment; Saw blade tensioning equipment; Feeding Organization (automatic Series); Hydraulic transmission system; Electrical control system; Smooth and cooling system.




According to the structure, it is divided into horizontal band sawing machine and vertical band sawing machine. Horizontal band sawing machine is also divided into scissors type, double column type and single column type band sawing machine; The vertical can be divided into pulley and sliding table band sawing machine;


It can be divided into manual type and automatic type according to operation;


According to the degree of automation of the manipulator, it can be divided into manual type, semi-automatic type and full-automatic type. The automatic type is also divided into PLC logic control (NC) and travel switch control;


According to the requirements of cutting viewpoint, it is divided into viewpoint sawing machine (capable of sawing viewpoint 0 ~ 60 degrees) and non viewpoint sawing machine, that is, 90 degree straight cutting.


3 System function of band sawing machine


The hydraulic transmission system is a hydraulic circuit composed of pumps, valves, oil cylinders, oil tanks, pipelines and other components, which completes the lifting of saw beams and the clamping of workpieces under electrical control. Stepless speed regulation of feed speed can be implemented through the speed regulating valve to meet the needs of sawing workpieces of different materials.


The electrical control system is a control circuit composed of electrical box, control box, junction box, travel switch and electromagnet, which is used to control the rotation of saw blade, lifting of saw beam and clamping of workpiece, so as to realize normal cutting cycle according to certain working procedures.


Before starting the smooth system, it is necessary to add oil according to the requirements of the smooth parts of the machine tool (wire brush shaft, worm gear box, automatic bearing seat, worm bearing, upper and lower shafts of lifting oil cylinder, clamping screw rod on the sliding surface of movable vice). The worm gear and worm in the worm gear box are smooth with No. 30 oil bath and injected by the oil plug hole on the upper part of the worm gear box. The box surface is equipped with an oil mark. When the saw beam is in the low direction, the oil surface should be between the upper and lower limits of the oil mark. The oil shall be changed after one month of operation. In the future, the oil shall be changed every 3-6 months. An oil drain plug is set at the lower part of the worm gear box.


The tensioning organization of saw blade is responsible for the tensioning of saw blade. It is necessary to strictly control the tensioning force of saw blade in application.

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