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Common faults and solutions of gantry milling machine in machining

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Common faults and solutions of gantry milling machine in machining

(1)Clutch failure of gantry milling machine table and milling head feed system.This may be due to hydraulic loading Insufficient oil in tank or faulty force relay.Engineers and electricians should be consulted for inspection and repair.

(2)The hydraulic pump or lubrication in the spindle box is not working properly.This is usually due to air entering the oil circuit from the connection part of the oil circuit.All connecting parts should be checked and sealed tightly.Fill the hydraulic pump with lubricant before starting it.

(3)Feed box safety clutch slips.Check and adjust first.If no further adjustment is possible, the clutch should be removed and the spring replaced.If there are scratches on the disc, they must be ground flat.

(4)The cross member lifting mechanism cannot be actuated.Generally, the pressure in the hydraulic clamping device of gantry milling machine is not enough or the oil circuit is blocked, so that the clamping device can not be loosened and the lifting motor can not start.Oil pressure and lines should be checked.Request machine maintenance personnel for repair if necessary.

(5)High vibration during milling.This should check the clamping device of the spindle box and the milling head and eliminate the problem of not clamping.If vibration still exists, the bearing clearance of the milling head spindle should be adjusted.To remove the half-circle adjusting ring when adjusting the radial clearance, first remove the connecting disc, loosen the screw and grind the end face of the ring. The amount of grinding should be several times that of reducing the radial clearance.Grind the end again The half-circle adjusting ring on the face is fitted and the screw is tightened before the nut is tightened and must be removed. Screw plug, loosen screw.When adjusting the axial clearance, first remove the screw plug, then loosen the screw, turn Turn the nut until the spindle accuracy is restored.

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