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Composition and operation rules of horizontal band sawing machine

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Composition and operation rules of horizontal band sawing machine

The main components of horizontal band saw machine are: base, bed, pillar, saw beam and drive mechanism,guide device,workpiece clamping,tensioning device,feeding frame,hydraulic drive system,electrical control system,lubrication and cooling system.

Hydraulic drive system is a hydraulic circuit composed of pump, valve, cylinder, tank, pipeline and other components. It completes the lifting of saw beam and clamping of workpiece under electric control.Stepless speed regulation of feed speed can be implemented by speed control valve to meet the sawing requirements for workpieces of different materials.

Electrical control system consists of control circuit composed of electrical box, control box, junction box, stroke switch, solenoid, etc. It is used to control the rotation of saw blade, lifting and lowering of saw beam, clamping of workpiece, etc., so that it can achieve normal cutting cycle according to certain working procedures.

Before starting the lubrication system, oil must be filled according to the requirements of the lubricated parts of the machine tool (wire brush shaft, worm gear box, active bearing seat, worm bearing, upper and lower axles of lifting cylinder, clamping screw of sliding surface of movable vice).Worm gears and worm gears in worm gear box are lubricated with oil bath No. 30 and injected through oil plug holes in the upper part of the worm gear box. Oil marks are prepared on the surface of the box. When the sawing beam is in position, the oil level should be between the upper and lower limits of the oil marks.Oil should be changed one month after commissioning, and every 3-6 months thereafter, oil drain plug is installed in the lower part of worm gear box.

Safety Operation Procedure for Horizontal Band Saw Machines

1.  The operation and maintenance personnel of the band saw machine must undergo professional training and master the operation and maintenance skills of the band saw machine.Operators should ensure adequate sleep and concentration.

2. When changing speed, you must stop before opening the protective cover, turn the handle to relax the belt, place the triangular belt in the groove at the required speed, then tension the belt and cover the protective cover.

3. Adjustment of the wire brush for debris removal should make the wire contact with the teeth of the saw blade, but not exceed the root of the teeth. Pay attention to whether the wire brush can remove the iron debris.

4. Adjust the guide arm along the dovetail guide according to the size of the workpiece processed. After adjustment, the guide device must be locked.

5. The maximum diameter of the saw must not exceed the specified value and the workpiece must be firmly clamped.

6. The band saw blade should be loosened properly, and the speed and feed rate must be appropriate.

7. Cast iron, copper and aluminium parts do not need cutting fluid, other parts need cutting fluid.

8. During cutting, the saw blade breaks. After replacing a new saw blade, the workpiece must turn over and be sawed again. The bow should be lowered slowly and without impact.

9. Operators are strictly prohibited to leave their positions and operate with gloves during cutting.

10. At the end of each shift, it is necessary to cut off the power supply, open the protective cover, remove the chips brought into the vicinity of the saw wheel, and carry out routine maintenance and surrounding cleaning.

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