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Do you Know the Routine Maintenance of machines?

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Do you Know the Routine Maintenance of machines?

Vertical lathe machine

Contents and requirements of daily maintenance:

Time: 10 minutes before and after the shift every day, 1 hour on weekends.

Responsible person: to be executed by the operator and checked by the inspection staff.

Before work:

1.Check the shift handover notebook.

2.Oil filling shall be carried out strictly according to the "lubrication chart" of the equipment to achieve timing, quantification and quality.

3.For the equipment that has been shut down for more than 8 hours, when the equipment is not started, it is necessary to turn it down for 3-5 minutes first to confirm whether the lubrication system is smooth and whether all parts operate normally before starting to work.

During work:

1. Often check the operation of all parts of the equipment and the working condition of the lubrication system. If there is any abnormal condition, immediately inform the inspection staff to handle it.

2. It is strictly prohibited to place tools, workpieces, metal objects and pedals on each guide rail surface and protective cover.

After work:

1. Wipe the iron scraps and coolant on the guide rail surface, and there is no black oil on the lead screw and the polished rod.

2. Clean the iron scraps and sundries around the equipment.

3. Fill in the equipment shift record.


   Milling machine

Before work:

1. Check important parts.

2. Clean the exposed guide rail surface and lubricate all parts as required.

3. Idle and check whether the lubrication system is normal. Check the oil level, which shall not be lower than the oil level, and add lubricating oil for all parts.

After work:

1. Do a good job in cleaning the bed and parts, clean the iron filings and surrounding environment.

2. Wipe the machine tool.

3. Cleaners, clamps, measuring tools.

4. All departments return to their original positions.

Radial drilling machine

1. Clean the appearance and dead angle of the machine tool, remove and wash the covers. The inside and outside of the machine tool shall be clean, without rust and yellow robe. See the natural color iron for the paint. Clean the guide rail surface and remove the burrs on the working surface. Check the screws, handball and handboard, and check the flexibility and reliability of each handle.

2. Maintenance of main shaft feed box of radial drilling machine: check the oil quality, keep it in good condition, and the oil quantity meets the requirements. Remove the burr from the taper hole of the spindle. Clean the hydraulic transmission system, oil filter and adjust the oil pressure.

3. Inspection for rocker arm and lifting clamping mechanism of radial drilling machine: check and adjust the lifting mechanism and clamping mechanism to be sensitive and reliable.

4. Inspection for lubrication system of radial drilling machine: clean the linoleum, and ensure that the oil cup is complete, the oil path is smooth, and the oil window is bright.

5. Inspection for cooling system of radial drilling machine: clean cooling pump, filter and cooling liquid tank. Check the coolant pipeline to ensure there is no water leakage.

6. Electrical system inspection of radial drilling machine: clean the dust inside and outside the motor and electrical box. Turn off the power supply, open the electrical door cover, and check whether the electrical connector and electrical components are loose and aged. Check whether the limit switch works normally. Whether the door opening and power off work. Check whether the hydraulic system is normal and whether there is oil leakage. Check whether the electrical control switches are normal.

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