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Do you need a brake drum lathe machine ?

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Do you need a brake drum lathe machine ?

The Brake Lathe is intended to resurface disc brake rotors, brake drums, and flywheels on passenger cars, medium-duty trucks only. Using this lathe for other purposes could result in personal injury or equipment damage.


• Rather than mechanically driven transmission and gearboxes, the brake lathe uses precision electric DC servo motors designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial motion control.
• This lathe is equipped with features that help increase your service capability, like precision twin cutter tools and a quick drum to rotor changeover.
• Infinitely variable spindle and cross feed speed settings allow for quick rough and precision finish cuts. Simple ergonomic controls are designed for minimal operator movement.

• This brake lathe maintains accuracy year after year thanks to rugged construction like a forged, hardened, and a precision ground spindle that resists grooving and eliminates the need for boots. Massive tapered spindle bearings offer superior weight support during rotation.

Two types of brake lathes

An on-car lathe often does a reliable job, because it's installed in the same position as the brake caliper, basically mimicking the movement of the wheel with regard to the car's calibrations. This provides the most accurate resurfacing possible. For an off-car lathe, or bench lathe, the rotor is removed from the car and mounted to the lathe. This type of lathe relies more on its own alignment, which is easily thrown out of spec from damage or frequent use. At best, a misaligned lathe will provide merely acceptable resurfacing; at worst, it might score or damage the rotor beyond the point it can be resurfaced.

Brake lathes are also high maintenance.

You'd have to clean one after every use in order to prevent buildup. Debris can cause irreversible damage to brake rotors as they're turned, and dust will make moving parts wear out too quickly. Bits (the parts that actually abrade the rotor) and oil must be changed regularly. They also create a lot of dust, noise and vibration (undesirable for a small or home garage).

Dedicated to the policy of precision and promotion from stability, the group spares no effort in innovation, improvement, integrity management and insured quality.

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