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How to deal with the brushing marks on the small semi-automatic surface grinder?

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How to deal with the brushing marks on the small semi-automatic surface grinder?

Small semi-automatic surface grinder has many functions, it can be used in the aerospace industry, but not all surface grinders can be used in the aerospace industry. The application in the aerospace industry is of great engineering, and the requirements for surface grinder are also very high.With the requirement, the work-piece machining accuracy of the grinder is improved, the processing cycle is shortened, the working area is saved, and different benefits are brought to people.

Small semi-automatic surface grinder is a precise product in machine tools. To produce precise products, it is necessary to strengthen technical transformation and tackle key technical projects.In order to improve the production level of "large, CNC, special and precision grinder", technical transformation should be strengthened.

Now let's talk about how to solve the problem when there are brushing marks on the grinder surface.

1. If traces left during rough grinding fail to be removed during fine grinding, the remaining amount of fine grinding should be increased appropriately.

2. When coarse-grained abrasive particles are found in the grinding fluid, the grinding debris in the wheel housing should be removed and the grinding fluid replaced.

3. If the material is too tough, alumina grinding wheel should be selected.

4. When rough grinding wheels are freshly trimmed, their abrasive grains are easy to wear. Therefore, the speed of the worktable should be reduced, the centerless grinding wheel should be trimmed as fine as possible, and the rough grinding should be carried out at a lower longitudinal speed, or a fine grinding wheel should be used instead.

5. Generally, the harder the material, the softer the grinding wheel;The softer the material, the harder the grinding wheel.However, if the material is too soft, a softer grinding wheel should be used.

6. If the grinding wheel of a small semi-automatic surface grinder is not trimmed properly, the raised abrasive particles should be trimmed again.

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