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How to use a Z3063 hydraulic radial drilling machine?

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How to use a Z3063 hydraulic radial drilling machine?

The Z3063 hydraulic radial drilling machine is mainly composed of base, column, rocker arm, and headstock. The hydraulically driven diamond-block clamping arrangement is used for the spindle box, rocker arm, and front and back columns, which ensures reliable clamping. Besides, the spindle box equipment is on the horizontal guide rail of the rocker arm that can be reversed around the vertical axis. The spindle is forward and reversed, parking (braking), shifting, and neutral are selected by hydraulic preselected shifting arrangements. The movement and the reversal of the rocker arm can easily adjust the spindle to the arbitrary range of the machine tool scale. Simple and save time for assistance. It is widely used for drilling holes on large and cumbersome workpieces and porous processed workpieces.

The hydraulic rocker arm drilling machine is mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming hydraulic rocker drilling, tapping and other processing. In the car, locomotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, and construction machinery industries. Especially for the drilling of super-long laminated plates, longitudinal beams, structural steel, pipe parts and other porous large parts. Therefore, it is very important to make good use of the Z3063 hydraulic radial drilling machine.

To process power and quality, the following points need to be done:

  1. Any mechanical equipment has its high endurance limit. The use of the drilling machine must be carried out within its allowable conditions and cannot exceed its compliance. Otherwise, the parts of the drilling machine will be greatly damaged, and even reach the level that it is difficult to correct.

   2. Before the hydraulic radial drill is used, the equipment must be checked according to the procedures to ensure that the various functions of the equipment meet the normal requirements, especially the lubrication system must be normal.

  3. Each time the equipment is turned on, the equipment must be preheated. The so-called preheating equipment is to let the equipment work at a low speed, and then work normally after acknowledging that the equipment is working properly to prevent the equipment from defects and unknowingly operating personnel.

  4. The equipment of radial drilling machine tools must be accurate, and standard tools should be selected.

   5. It is necessary to be strong when the workpiece is fixed on the worktable to prevent it from slipping and hurting the operator or damaging the equipment during processing.

   6. The operator can not wear gloves during processing to prevent the gloves from surrounding and hurting the operator.

  7. After the equipment is used, it is necessary to clean up the workbench, track, and other parts in time to prevent the adhesion of iron filings from damaging the equipment.

   8. Since the Z3063 hydraulic radial drilling machine is precision processing equipment, the drilling machine must be checked regularly to ensure that it maintains its due accuracy. Ability to advance the quality and service life of the drilling machine.

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