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Introduction of Swiss Lathe CK1107

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Introduction of Swiss Lathe CK1107

In terms of mechanical processing, with the development of technology, many digital technologies have emerged. The emergence of these technologies has made product processing easier and easier and can achieve better processing results. However, the processing of some products, whether it is a swiss lathe machine or a knife machine, can achieve the goal. Which equipment should I choose at this time? After everyone understands the advantages of a swiss lathe machine, I believe everyone will know how to choose. The following is a small editor for everyone, what are the advantages of the CK1107 high-speed swiss lathe machine.

CK1107 high-speed swiss lathe machine is a gang-type tool structure, with a large number of tools, fast tool change, and good rigidity. It can process all kinds of ultra-slender parts. Reasonable layout, compact appearance and less floor space. The axes all use linear rolling guides, driven by servo motors. The linear tool structure has the characteristics of fast changeover and high precision. The CNC system has perfect functions and easy operation. Equipped with an automatic feeder, automatic production can be realized.

1. The left and right row tool structure, the number of tools is large, the tool change speed is fast, and the rigidity is good.
2.It can process all kinds of ultra-slender parts.
3. Reasonable layout, compact appearance and less floor space.

4. The fixed guide sleeve can process slender shafts with a length of 150mm, so that the processed workpieces maintain a relatively high coaxiality and smoothness, which is very suitable for turning workpieces with a large multiple diameter ratio.

When using a swiss lathe machine for parts processing, the accuracy of the parts and the processing speed are far more than that of the tooling machine. In terms of parts processing, the swiss lathe machine can process multiple parts at one time, and the efficiency is much higher than that of the knife machine. When processing, because the material is fixed when the swiss lathe machine is cutting, its rigidity effect is very prominent. Moreover, in the development, the swiss lathe machine gradually developed into a digital one. In the actual processing, an operator can operate several equipment at the same time, and the processing efficiency has been further improved, which has a very important impact on the improvement of the current situation of the processing work. .

In modern small parts processing, even if there are equipment that has a similar function to the swiss lathe machine, the swiss lathe machine is still the best choice. With its own advantages, it has helped many companies to improve production efficiency and carry out reasonable control of labor costs, which has provided great convenience for the production and processing of enterprises.

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