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Introduction of turret milling machine from WMTCNC China

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Introduction of turret milling machine from WMTCNC China

Introduction of turret milling machine

Turret milling machine can also be called rocker milling machine, rocker milling, universal milling. The turret milling machine has the advantages of compact structure, small volume and high flexibility. The milling head can rotate 90 degrees left and right and 45 degrees back and forth. The rocker arm can not only stretch back and forth, but also rotate 360 degrees in the horizontal plane, which greatly improves the effective working range of the machine tool.


Universal rocker milling machine the body of the milling machine adopts high-grade cast iron, which has high precision and long service life after artificial aging treatment. The lifting table adopts rectangular guide rail, with many contact surfaces and sufficient rigidity. After high frequency processing and fine grinding, the slide is pasted with plastic, and the motion accuracy and service life are good. The spindle of universal rocker milling machine is made of chromium molybdenum alloy and equipped with precision angular contact bearing. After quenching and tempering treatment and fine grinding, it has strong cutting force and high precision.


Turret milling machine is a light general metal cutting machine, which has two functions of vertical and horizontal milling. It can mill planes, slopes, grooves and splines of medium and small parts. It is widely used in machining, mould, instrument, instrument and other industries.

Structural features

1. The main components such as base, body, worktable, middle sliding seat and lifting sliding seat are made of high-strength materials and artificially aged to ensure the long-term stability of the machine tool.

2. The milling head is equipped with turret milling machine head, and the spindle is equipped with manual and micro feeding modes, which is convenient and accurate. The milling machine head can be adjusted ± 45 ° in the vertical plane and rotated 360 ° in the horizontal plane to expand the machining range of the machine tool.

3. There are three types of worktable longitudinal and transverse: manual feed, motorized feed and motorized fast feed. Motorized feed can obtain 8 different feed speeds, which can meet different processing requirements; Rapid feed can make the workpiece quickly reach the machining position and shorten the non machining time.

4. The z-direction lifting of the lifting table can be realized by manual and motorized methods, and manual and motorized are interlocked, eliminating unsafe factors.

5. The x-direction travel of the worktable can reach 800mm, and the X, y and Z-direction guide rail pairs are processed by ultra audio frequency quenching, precision grinding and scraping, so as to improve the accuracy and prolong the service life of the machine tool.

6. The manual lubrication device can forcibly lubricate the vertical, horizontal and vertical lead screws and guide rails, reduce the wear of the machine tool and ensure the efficient operation of the machine tool. At the same time, the cooling system changes the coolant flow by adjusting the nozzle to meet different processing requirements.

7. The operating system of the machine tool is suspended at the upper right of the machine tool through the support arm, which is in line with the principle of ergonomics and easy to operate. The operation panels are designed with visual symbols, which is simple and intuitive.

8. The spindle of turret milling machine can be r8,NT30 \ NT40.

9. Equipped with improved electrical box and controller, with 110V, 220V output socket.

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