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It's Important to Read Manual Before Operate

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It's Important to Read Manual Before Operate

For the safety of operator and keeping the individual from accidental injuries, user and operator should carefully read manual and well understand the limitation of its usage before installing or testing  CNC milling machine.

a. Before running CNC milling machine, make sure there is no potential risks that harm people and equipments’ safety. And make sure every parts of the machine normally run, otherwise operation is not allowed.

b. CNC milling machine belongs to Mechanical-Electrical Integration System Design, unqualified staff without training is not allowed to operate the machine in order to avoid incidents & casualties.

c. CNC milling machine is not allowed overload cutting, otherwise it will affect the machine cutting accuracy and shorten the lifespan of the machine.

d. Use the machine in the right way and process pursuant to the designed parameter, operation beyond designed regulations is not allowed, otherwise, people/ equipments will get hurt.

e. When spindle doesn’t stop completely, no installation and removing is allowed, otherwise, accidents will happen. When spindle runs, spring clamping lever is not allowed to loosen.

f. Position the tool in the best mood, make sure it sharp and clean so as to reach the best performance.

g. No operation is allowed to run in dangerous places, for example: humid, inflammable & explosive environments. The on-site illumination condition must be pleasant.

h. Make sure cut off the power supplies before checking or repairing the machine.

i. When repairing, choose the components of the same type and specifications.

j.Repair and maintain machines periodically.

After you read the manual, you will know more information about this machine and operate this machine easily.

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