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New Product - 2022 WMTCNC Vertical Machining Center VMC1370 for Sale

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New Product - 2022 WMTCNC Vertical Machining Center VMC1370 for Sale

The X, Y, and Z axes of this product are semi-closed-loop vertical machining centers with servo direct connection control. All three axes are linear ball guide rails. The guide rail has a large load, wide span and high precision. It is suitable for heavy loads and has a compact structure and dimensions. Reasonably, the main shaft is driven by a servo motor through a synchronous belt. It can realize one-time clamping of complex parts such as various disks, plates, shells, cams, molds, etc., and can complete multiple processes such as drilling, milling, boring, expansion, reaming, rigid tapping, etc., suitable for multiple varieties, The production of small and medium batch products can meet the processing of complex and high-precision parts. It can be equipped with a fourth rotation axis to meet the processing requirements of special parts.

Worktable size(LxW)1400×700mm
T-slot (NxWxD)5x18x110mm
X/Y/Z axis travel1300/700/700mm
Distance from spindle center to column750mm
Distance from spindle nose to worktable surface110-810mm
Spindle taperBT40
Spindle power11kw
Max.spindle speed8000rpm
Max.feed speed10m/min
Rapid feed speed(X/Y/Z)24/24/20 m/min
X/Y/Z axis ball screw4512
Tool magazine capacity24T
Max.tool length300mm
Tool change time(T-T)2.5s
Positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z)±0.008mm
Re-positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z)±0.003mm
Machine size(LxWxH)3200×2540×2600mm
Max.loading of worktable1000kgs
Machine weight8200kgs

Function and feature description

1. Machine

1. The main basic parts such as the base, sliding seat, workbench, column, and headstock are made of HT300 cast iron; the base is a box-shaped structure, and the compact and reasonable symmetrical rib structure ensures the high rigidity, bending and shock absorption performance of the basic parts The A-type bridge-span column and internal grid-like ribs effectively ensure the rigidity and accuracy of the Z-axis strong cutting; the base parts are molded with resin sand and undergo aging treatment, which provides a guarantee for the stability of the machine's long-term performance.

2. CNC controller

The system has complete and reliable interlock, safety protection and fault diagnosis and alarm functions, equipped with RS232 standard and network communication interface, and computer program control and storage can achieve DNC processing (according to the system has differences).

3. Spindle 

It adopts high-speed, high-precision, high-rigidity spindle unit, with strong axial and radial load capacity, and the maximum speed can reach 8000rpm.

4.Tool library

The 24 disc-type tool magazine produced by a professional Taiwanese manufacturer has accurate tool change, short time and high efficiency. It has been tested for millions of times and meets the reliability requirements. With a damping structure, it can reduce the impact during movement and ensure the service life of the tool magazine. Pneumatic drive, easy to use, tool change in the shortest path.

5. Cooling system
The oil-water separation device can separate most of the collected lubricating oil from the cooling liquid, preventing the rapid deterioration of the cooling liquid, which is conducive to environmental protection.

Dedicated to the policy of precision and promotion from stability, the group spares no effort in innovation, improvement, integrity management and insured quality.

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