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New Product - CNC Milling Machine XK7116

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New Product - CNC Milling Machine XK7116


  • Small size and cheap price.

  • 8 pcs automatic tool changer, air pump and lubrication pump.

  • 18000 high spindle speed.

  • Taiwan linear guideway.


X axis travel350mm
Y axis travel160mm
Z axis travel400mm
Spindle nose to table distance476.4mm
Spindle center to column distance161mm
Worktable size600X163mm
Main motor3KW
Spindle speed18000rpm
Coolant systemliuquid cooling
Change tool wayPnumetic
Spindle taperBT30
ATC TypeUmbrella type
Capacity of ATC8T
Air compressor pressure12L
Lubricating pump capacity1L
Working light10W
Cooling pump40W
Controller systemafter1500MDC-4
XY axis servo motor torque2.4N.M
Z axis servo motor torque4N.M
XYZ fast moving speed8
XY Linear guideway15mmTaiwan HIWIN
Z linear guideway20mmTaiwan HIWIN
X axis ball leadscrew1605Taiwan TBI
YZ axis ball leadscrew2005Taiwan TBI


Machine structure:


This mini CNC milling machine includes a base, a vertical column, a worktable, a headstock, a tool- magazine, an electric- cabinet, a control panel, and button station, a cooling tank, and a lubrication system. The electric cabinet installed on the backside of the machine. And the overall layout of which is compact in structure, convenient in operation, and small in the area occupied.


The worktable is a key component to put the workpieces to be machined into feed motion along the X and Y direction to fulfill the cutting processing.

We apply the ball screw shaft and the screw pair to the pre-tightening force. To increase the axial rigidity and the transmission accuracy of the screw.


The vertical column is also one of the base parts of the machine and on it, there is the guideway, along which the headstock moves upward and downward, and the ball screw pair of the Z-axis installed.

The feed motion of the headstock in the Z direction is fulfilled by a stepping motor, in which the stepping motor drives, through the coupling, the ball screw pair into the rotation. We apply the ball screw shaft and the screw pair to the pre-tightening force. In order to increase the axial rigidity and the transmission accuracy of the screw.

The guideway is also in a rectangular structure and is precisely after supersonic frequency hardening treatment, so as to increase its rigidity and wear resistance.


Dedicated to the policy of precision and promotion from stability, the group spares no effort in innovation, improvement, integrity management and insured quality.

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