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Outstanding advantages of surface grinder processing

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Outstanding advantages of surface grinder processing

The surface grinder is equipped with a program control system, which can logically process and decode the programs with control codes or other symbolic instructions, so that the machine can move the CNC bending machine and process parts (wire cutting belongs to surface grinder processing).       

The outstanding advantages of surface grinder are as follows:

1. High precision and stable quality of machined parts

The positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of surface grinder are very high, so it is easy to ensure the consistency of the size of a batch of parts. As long as the process design and program are correct and reasonable, combined with careful operation, the parts can obtain higher processing accuracy, and it is also convenient to implement quality control in the processing process.       

2. High degree of automation, can reduce the manual labor intensity of the operator

The grinding process is automatically completed according to the input program. The operator only needs to start the tool setting, load and unload the workpiece and change the tool. In the process of machining, the main task is to observe and supervise the operation of the machine tool.       

3. Dimension shall conform to the characteristics of grinding machine

In the NC programming, all the points, lines, faces' dimensions and positions are based on the programming origin. Therefore, the coordinate dimension is given directly on the part drawing or the dimension is injected with the same datum as possible.       

4. Unified geometry type or size

In order to reduce the number of tool changing, the shape and inner cavity of the part should adopt the same geometry type or size, and the control program or program may be applied to shorten the length of the program. The shape of the parts should be symmetrical as much as possible, so it is convenient to use the mirror processing function of the surface grinder to program, so as to save the programming time.       

5. The positioning datum is reliable

In the grinding process, the processing procedures are often concentrated, so it is very important to locate with the same datum. It is convenient for the development and modification of new products. Grinder processing generally does not need a lot of complex process equipment, through the preparation of processing procedures can be complex shape and high precision parts processing, when the product modification, change the design, as long as you change the program, and do not need to redesign tooling. Therefore, grinding machine processing can greatly shorten the product development cycle, and provide a shortcut for new product development, product improvement and modification.      

6. Can develop to higher manufacturing systems

Surface grinder and its processing technology are the basis of computer aided manufacturing.       

7. High production efficiency

Plane grinder can process multiple machining surfaces in clamping again, generally only the first piece is detected, so many intermediate processes can be avoided in the machining of ordinary machine tools. Moreover, the quality of parts processed by the grinder is stable, which brings convenience to subsequent processes and its comprehensive efficiency is obviously improved.

Dedicated to the policy of precision and promotion from stability, the group spares no effort in innovation, improvement, integrity management and insured quality.

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