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Safety Principle of Using Milling Machine

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Safety Principle of Using Milling Machine

1. Before working, it is necessary to check whether each system of the machine tool is safe and easy to use, whether the position of each hand wheel handle is correct, whether there are obstacles in the fast feed, and whether each limit switch can play a role of safety protection.

2. When starting the milling machine and moving parts, pay attention to whether the cutter and handle are in the required position. When pulling the fast-moving handle, gently start it first to see if the moving part and direction are consistent. It is forbidden to start the quick moving handle suddenly.

3. When installing the cutter bar, bracket, washer, dividing head, vise, cutter hole, etc., the contact surface should be cleaned.

4. Before starting the milling machine, check whether the cutter is firmly installed, whether the work piece is firm, the pressing plate must be stable, the pad iron supporting the pressing plate should not be too high or too many pieces, the cutter bar washer can not be used as other pad, and the parallelism should be checked before use.

5. The machine must be stopped when it is working on up and down work pieces, cutting tools, fastening, adjusting, changing speed and measuring work pieces on the machine tool. The machine must be stopped when the cutter bar, cutter head, end milling head and milling cutter are replaced.

6. When the machine tool starts, it is not allowed to measure the size, align the sample plate or touch the processing surface by hand. It is not allowed to put the head close to the surface to observe the cutting condition. When taking or unloading the work piece, it must be carried out after moving the tool.

7. When disassembling the end mill, the table must be padded with wood, and it is forbidden to support the cutter head by hand.

8. When installing the flat milling cutter and using the spanner to pull the nut, pay attention to the proper selection of the spanner opening, and do not use too much force to prevent slipping.

9. When setting the tool, it must feed slowly. When the tool is close to the workpiece, it needs to feed by hand. It is not allowed to feed fast. When the tool is moving, it is not allowed to stop. When milling deep groove, stop and withdraw the tool. Pay attention to handle injury when fast feeding. When the universal milling vertical feed, the workpiece clamping must have a certain distance from the worktable.

10. Milling cutter should not be too fast, automatic tool must pull off the handwheel on the worktable. Do not change the feed speed suddenly.

11. The clearance between the lead screw and the nut must be cleared to prevent the milling cutter from being damaged.

12. When the speed is high, the hand wheel must be separated from the shaft to prevent the hand wheel from rotating to hurt people. When the speed is high, it is necessary to prevent the iron filings from hurting people. It is not allowed to brake suddenly to prevent the shaft from being cut off.

13. The longitudinal, transverse and vertical movement of the milling machine should be consistent with the direction of the operating handle, otherwise it will not work. When the milling machine is working, only one direction can be selected for longitudinal, transverse and vertical automatic tool feeding, and the safety baffle in each direction cannot be removed at will.

14. At the end of the work, turn off the switches, pull back the handles of the machine tool, wipe the machine tool, inject lubricating oil, and maintain the machine tool clean.

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