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Say Something About CNC Pipe Thread Lathe

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Say Something About CNC Pipe Thread Lathe

CNC pipe thread lathe is a professional machine tool for pipe processing. It is professionally designed and manufactured for the processing requirements of oil pipelines, casings, and drill pipes in the petroleum, chemical, and metallurgical industries. It is mainly used to process inner and outer pipe threads. The CNC system automatically controls, It can accurately process all kinds of internal and external threads, and can also be used as an ordinary CNC lathe to process the external and internal holes, end faces and conical surfaces of the workpiece.

Advantages of CNC pipe thread lathe

  1. The machine has the characteristics of a high degree of automation, good efficiency and high precision, wide application range, simple operation, etc.
  2. CNC pipe thread lathe is my most common lathe at present, and it is a fine product among the medium-sized CNC lathes.
  3. Headstock is driven by a variable frequency motor and is continuously variable. Spindle bearings of well-known domestic manufacturers, three-jaw chucks of well-known domestic brands.
  4. And the modular design of the CNC system is easy to debug and convenient to maintain. The x and z axes use high power, servo motors, advanced performance, and strong reliability.
  5. CNC pipe thread lathe adopts a cast bed saddle. The slide plate has a reasonable internal rib layout. The high-precision ball screw produced by Jining is selected for high precision and accurate transmission. The well-known domestic brand four-station electric tool holder has high positioning accuracy, strong rigidity, and high reliability.

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