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Say something about the maintenance of grinding wheel spindle of grinder

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Say something about the maintenance of grinding wheel spindle of grinder

In equipment maintenance, the technical level of grinding head maintenance can be said to be the highest. Why do you say that? Because the grinding machine spindle requires high precision, high mechanical strength, and high stability, at the same time, the risk of repairing the grinding machine spindle is also great, and the repair process is generally not passed on. If you are not careful, the newly repaired spindle will hold the tiles, causing maintenance accidents and damaging the newly replaced components. Therefore, to meet these requirements when repairing, it is necessary for the maintenance personnel to have an ultra-high technical level, a good attitude, and patient debugging. Below I will introduce several spindle structures I have encountered.

Cylindrical grinding

M1420H F

This kind of grinder generally uses sliding bearing or dynamic pressure bearing, because the grinding wheel driven by this kind of spindle is generally heavier, so most of it adopts the bearing structure. If roller bearings are used, the waviness of the workpiece and poor finish will occur. For large grinders that require larger spindles, hydrostatic bearings are required. Since the dynamic pressure bearing has a relatively large friction force when starting, the radial resistance force of the dynamic pressure bearing or the static pressure bearing is relatively large after the normal operation, so the gap between the shaft and the bush and the distribution of contact points have very high requirements This requires maintenance personnel to carefully scrape the bearing bushes, and also need to understand the process in the post-processing in order to make a very precise spindle for people to use. In addition to the above content, the dynamic balance of the spindle is also very important, and it is best to do everything if possible. Such a spindle is very good in terms of accuracy and finishes when used.

Internal grinding machine

The general main shaft of this kind of grinder is of roller bearing structure because the grinding wheel is relatively small, the load is relatively small when running, and the running speed is relatively high, so it is not suitable for dynamic pressure and static pressure structure. At the same time, because the speed is high, usually between several thousand to 20,000 revolutions, there are clear requirements for bearings and grease.

Surface Grinder


The main shaft structure of this kind of grinder is more, the two types of pressure and static pressure are still the same, but the length of the shaft, the types of bearings used before and after, and the shape of the tile are very different, such as the shape of the tile, there are fan-shaped, There is a tube shape, the sector shape is divided into the first three rollers, the first three rear rollers, and the length of the shaft is different. The tube shape has a single cone and double cone. In short, this kind of grinder will be very large depending on the place of production. s difference. There is a structure that makes people feel special. The rotor and the main shaft are not integrated. They are installed in two parts (the main shaft of a surface grinder is generally combined with the rotor)! This spindle is particularly short.

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