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The Advantages of High Speed and High Precision Lathe Machine

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The Advantages of High Speed and High Precision Lathe Machine

High-speed and high-precision lathes must have both a high-speed spindle system and a high-speed feed system. This is not only to improve productivity but also to achieve the normal working conditions of the tool in high-speed cutting.

1. Increase productivity

High-speed cutting processing allows the use of a larger feed rate, which is 5-10 times higher than conventional cutting processing, and the material removal rate per unit time can be increased by 3-6 times. When processing parts that require a large amount of metal removal, the processing time can be greatly reduced.

2. Cutting force is reduced by 30%

Because the high-speed and high-precision lathe adopts shallow cutting depth and narrow cutting width, the cutting force is small. Compared with conventional cutting, the cutting force can be reduced by at least 30%, which can reduce machining deformation for machining parts with poor rigidity. It is possible to cut some thin-walled fine workpieces.

3. The processing quality is improved.

Because the excitation frequency of tool cutting during high-speed rotation is far away from the natural frequency of the processing system, it will not cause forced vibration of the processing system, ensuring a better processing state. Due to the small cutting depth, cutting width, and cutting force, the tool and workpiece have small deformations, maintain dimensional accuracy, thinner cutting damage layer, small residual stress, and achieve high-precision, low-roughness machining.

Analyzing the formation of frequency from the perspective of dynamics, it can be seen that the reduction of cutting force will reduce the amplitude of the vibration caused by the cutting force. The increase of the speed will make the working frequency of the cutting system far away from the natural frequency of high-speed and high-precision lathes and avoid Resonance occurs. Therefore, high-speed cutting can greatly reduce the surface roughness and improve the quality of processing.

4. Reduce processing energy consumption and save manufacturing resources.

Due to the high metal removal rate per unit power, low energy consumption, and short production time of the workpiece, the utilization rate of energy and equipment is improved, and the proportion of cutting processing in the total resources of the manufacturing system is reduced, which meets the requirements of sustainable development.

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