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The Advantages of Machining Precision of Turret Milling Machine

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The Advantages of Machining Precision of Turret Milling Machine

The turret milling machine is a kind of mold processing equipment. Because of its high precision, simple operation and wide application range, it can be used to process various small and medium-sized mechanical parts, such as milling, boring, drilling, reaming, tapping and other processes. Horizontal milling, slotting and other special accessories are used to expand the processing range.

The main structure of the turret milling machine is made of high-quality cast iron with good hardness, good wear resistance, large load and impact resistance, high precision and no deformation. The main shaft is made of chromium-bearing steel and is ground with high precision and strength after tempering and carburizing heat treatment.It can withstand heavy cutting. The spindle bearing uses German precision rod bearing with a shaft jump of less than 0.005. The lifting sleeve is chrome plated and precisely ground. It has strong cutting ability and good precision. X-axis and Y-axis guideway of CNC machine tool are heat treated with high frequency wave, and then they are installed on the surface of slides and wear-resistant plates, which reduces the friction coefficient of contact surface and improves wear resistance.

The turret milling machine is designed with square track, strong supporting force and stable heavy cutting. It can realize hole system processing with high position accuracy.For machining, the tool radius compensation function can be programmed according to the dimensions of the CNC turret milling parts, regardless of the actual radius of the tool used, thus reducing the complex numerical calculation in programming.The cutter length compensation function can automatically compensate the length of the cutter and adapt to the requirement of adjusting the length and size of the cutter during the machining process.

The proportional function of the turret milling machine can be achieved by changing the coordinate values in a specified proportion. Mirror processing is also called axisymmetric processing.If the shape of the part is axially symmetrical with respect to the coordinates, only one or two quadrants can be programmed, and the contours of other quadrants can be achieved by mirror processing.Rotation function of CNC milling machine can be programmed to rotate at any angle on the processing plane. Subprogram calling function Some parts need to repeat machining the same contour shape at different positions. Processing program of contour shape can be used as a subprogram to repeat the required position in ED calling to complete the processing of this part.

What details should we pay attention to when working on the turret milling machine

1. Do not place objects on the surface of guide rails on turbine milling machines and painted surfaces.

2. The drive shaft must be closed while loading and unloading the milling cutter and kept clean and secure.

3. Except for parts that need to be moved, the rest of the table must be locked to avoid table vibration.

4. Blunt cutter is strictly forbidden when milling turret milling machine.Milling surfaces must use more than four tool heads and select the correct amount of cut according to material and related technical requirements.

5. When the equipment starts to operate, the operator must concentrate on not leaving the scope of work of the equipment and not touching the turret milling machine while in operation.

6. It is forbidden to align the knife with the upper knife during the automatic feeding process.Do not change speed during machine operation.If a protective device is installed, the machine does not need to be shut down, but the speed can only be changed if the speed is slow.

7. It is not possible to stop the equipment while the milling cutter of the equipment is still in operation, and it is best for the staff to stay on the left side of the equipment for easy viewing and operation.

8. Removing the safety mechanism of the turbo-milling machine means that the machine tool is overloaded and should be stopped immediately to reduce the amount of cutting or to replace sharp tools.

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