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The Characteristics Of CNC Lathe Spindle

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The Characteristics Of CNC Lathe Spindle

With the continuous upgrading and transformation of the processing, enterprise, processing equipment is also improving. As the most commonly used processing equipment, CNC lathes, structure improvement shall keep up with the trend. The spindle is one of the most important parts of CNC lathe. The speed, power, and speed range is also be required to improve constantly, in order to achieve automatic tool change, but also have the function of the automatic stop. Now the spindle machine tool has few position requirements, generally fixed position, just through the CNC system transmit servo to control the spindle's speed. Here is a brief introduction of the spindle speed control link.

In the early year, CNC lathe mostly adopted DC drive, due to the limited commutation of DC motor, the constant power speed range of speed regulation with constant power, it is unreasonable for the lathe to use permanent magnet motor, so it often uses other excitation DC servo motor and cage induction AC servo motor. With the development of microprocessor technology and high power transistor technology, AC spindle drive system is applied to spindle drive of CNC machine tools. At present, the new CNC machine tools at home or aborad basically use AC spindle drive system, and AC spindle drive will replace the DC spindle drive system completely. Unlike DC, AC motors are not limited in high speed and large capacity and have more advantages in noise control and price than the DC system.

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