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The Maintenance of CNC lathes

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The Maintenance of CNC lathes

Why Maintain CNC Lathe Machine – The Importance of CNC Machine Maintenance

CNC lathe is a kind of advanced and highly automated machining equipment integrated with electricity, computer technology, automatic control, automatic detection, precision machinery design, and manufacturing, as a technology-intensive and knowledge-intensive device, it comes in complex structure and high cost. To give maximum benefits and reduce the faults or errors in the manufacturing process, it’s necessary to carry out routine checks and regular maintenance. In addition, whether the CNC machine can achieve high machining accuracy, stable product quality, and improved productivity, depends not only on the performance of the machine itself, but also on the maintenance and protection of the machine tools.

How to Maintain a Lathe Machine – The Maintenance of CNC Machines

The Daily Maintenance of CNC Lathe

CNC lathe operators should conduct daily checks and maintenance on the lathe machine every day.
1. Check whether the oil volume of each oil tank of the lubricating mechanism is normal, and turn on the machine to check if the lubricating system can run normally.
2. Check whether the oil volume of each oil tank of the hydraulic mechanism is normal, and start the machine to check if the hydraulic system can work normally.
3. Check whether the cutting fluid volume of the cooling box is normal, and start the machine to check if the cutting fluid system can work normally.
4. Turn on the machine and check whether the CNC system is normal, also include the chip conveyor of each fan and the pressure gauge values.
5. Clear the iron scraps and sundries of guide rails in CNC lathe, and check whether there is scratch on the surface.
6. After the machine is powered on, it must run for a certain period of time without workpieces to check whether it operates normally; after finishing the production task of one day, turn off the CNC system and power supply of the lathe, then clean the workshop.

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