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The characteristics of the flat bed linear guideway

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The characteristics of the flat bed linear guideway

The flat bed linear guideway adopts the mechanical and electrical integration design. The appearance is beautiful, the structure is reasonable, the use is wide, and the operation is convenient. The machine can realize automatic control, can automatically process the internal and external circles, end faces, grooves, arbitrary cone, spherical surface, and various metric cylinder, conical thread, etc. And can send and receive a variety of signals, control the automatic processing process. The main lathe is supported by high-precision flow bearing, with high rotation accuracy.  


The characteristics of the flat bed linear guideway are as follows:

1. The flat bed structure, resin sand molding, high quality cast iron casting produced by Hangzhou machine casting center are adopted; the structure of the linked bed base is used to strengthen the rigidity of the machine tool, and the cutting accuracy and the stability of the machine tool performance are effectively improved; the guide rail adopts medium frequency quenching grinding and plastic sticking technology, which has good wear resistance and precision retention.


2. The structure of the main shaft adopts the typical structure of two-point support at the front and rear ends, and the main shaft has high stiffness. The main drive is three speed stepless variable frequency speed regulation. The main transmission gear pairs are hardened and ground, and the transmission pairs and rolling bearings are lubricated by strong oil, which has good performance of high speed and low temperature rise. The design of the spindle box fully considers the heat dissipation measures and shock absorption mechanism, so that the spindle box has the characteristics of low noise and high transmission accuracy, and the noise of the machine tool does not exceed the value specified in the national standard.  


3. Both the transverse (x-axis) and longitudinal (Z-axis) feed motion are driven by servo motor to realize rapid movement and feed motion. High quality precision ball screw is adopted. The slide rail is pasted with anti creeping plastic soft belt, which can ensure the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the machine tool.  


4. The flat bed linear guideway adopts vertical four position NC tool holder, which has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy, stable and reliable, wide application range, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

Dedicated to the policy of precision and promotion from stability, the group spares no effort in innovation, improvement, integrity management and insured quality.

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