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What Are the Advantages of Turning and Milling Machine

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What Are the Advantages of Turning and Milling Machine

Composite machining is one of the most popular machining processes in the world.It is an advanced manufacturing technology.Composite machining is the realization of several different machining processes on a single machine tool.Composite machining is widely used and the most difficult one is turning and milling.Turning-milling compound machining center is equivalent to the combination of a CNC lathe and a machining center. 

  What are the advantages of Turning-Milling combination?Let's take a look together!

  Compared with conventional CNC machining process, the outstanding advantages of compound machining are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1.Shorten the product manufacturing process chain and improve production efficiency:

Turning-milling combined machining can complete all or most of the processing procedures in one load, thus greatly shortening the product manufacturing process chain. On the one hand, this reduces the production assistance time caused by the change of fixture loading, on the other hand, it also reduces the manufacturing cycle and waiting time of fixture, which can significantly improve the production efficiency.

2. Reduce clamping times and improve machining accuracy:

The reduction of loading times avoids error accumulation due to conversion of positioning datum.At the same time, most of the Turning-Milling compound processing equipment has the function of on-line detection, which can realize in-place detection and precision control of key data in the manufacturing process, thus improving the processing accuracy of products. 

3.Reduce floor space and production costs:

Although the single price of Turning-Milling compound processing equipment is relatively high, the investment, production operation and management costs of total fixed assets can be effectively reduced due to the shortening of manufacturing process chain and the reduction of equipment required for products, as well as the reduction of the number of fixtures, workshop area and equipment maintenance costs.

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