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What Are the Main Components of CNC Machine Center

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What Are the Main Components of CNC Machine Center

What are the components of a complete CNC machining center?I would like to introduce you in detail today. I hope it will be helpful for friends who want to know CNC machining center.


There are seven main components in our machining center manufacturers:

  (1)The basic component refers to the foundry bed.It consists of a bed rail and a work table.It is a basic part of CNC machining center.Most are castings. CNC machining center bears static and dynamic loads during machining.Therefore, the rigidity of the casting of the bed is very high, and it is also the most important part to determine the quality of CNC machining center.

  (2)Main shaft components.It consists of spindle motor, head, spindle and spindle support, etc.Its start, stop and rotation are controlled by the CNC system and the cutting motion is carried out by means of a tool mounted on the spindle which is the output power of the cutting process.Parts spindle is the key component of CNC machining center, and its structure quality greatly affects the performance of CMC machining center.

  (3)Control system. CNC system of CNC machining center is composed of CNC equipment, programmable controller, servo driver and motor.They are the control centers of CNC machining centers to perform sequential control actions and complete processing processes.

  (4)Servo system.The function of servo control is to convert the signal numerical control device into the moving parts of the machine tool. Its performance is one of the main factors that determine the accuracy of the machine tool and surface quality. CNC machining center generally uses three control modes: semi-closed loop and hybrid circuit.

  (5)Automatic tool changer.It consists of robot, driving mechanism and other components.The magazine is a device for storing all the tools used to process this work.Tools store disk types,, bucket types and chain types with capacities ranging from a few to a dozen.When a tool needs to be replaced during machining, the tool is removed from the tool library and the robot load on the axle (or other device) at the command of CNC.According to the relative position and structure of tool base and spindle, the structure of the manipulator has various shapes.Some CNC machining centers use the movement of spindle heads or loaders to replace tools without using robots.Although process tool changing, mode selection tools, tool library structure, type manipulator, etc., the control and programmable controller of numerical control device, electric motor, hydraulic mechanism or under tyre can select and exchange tools.Tool and workpiece errors can also be measured when the contact sensor is installed in the mechanism.

       (6)Automatic tray replacement system.Some CNC machining centers further shorten the time management of non-cutting workpieces. Two workpiece trays are replaced automatically. One workpiece is installed on one workbench and the workbench is located outside the other, thus reducing the auxiliary time and improving the processing efficiency.

  (7)Auxiliary system.Includes lubrication, cooling, evacuation chips, protection, hydraulic system and random testing.Although the auxiliary system is not directly involved in cutting motion, it has a CNC machining center for accuracy and reliability, a decisive guarantee, so it is also an integral part of the CNC machining center.

  The above is a complete CNC machining center.The brand and rating of each feature component is available to customers.If you have CNC machining center requirements, please contact us.

Dedicated to the policy of precision and promotion from stability, the group spares no effort in innovation, improvement, integrity management and insured quality.

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