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What Kind Of "Garbage" Do You Use For The Cutting Fluid?

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What Kind Of "Garbage" Do You Use For The Cutting Fluid?

In metalworking processes, several components are required such as machine tools, raw materials, and proper cutting tools. For the proper cutting operation cutting fluid plays an important role. Cutting fluid is a type of coolant having lubricating properties as well which is used in almost all the metalworking processes during different machining operations such as turning, drilling and milling. When the machining is done at low cutting speed then cutting fluid required for lubrication purpose whereas when machining is done at high cutting speed then cutting fluid works as a coolant. In machining processes, different kinds of cutting fluids are used as per the requirements. The selection of the cutting fluid depends on various factors such as cutting speed, work material, machining process, finishing, and cutting tool. Majority cutting fluids are a kind of emulsion i.e. oil in water emulsion and remaining are simple oils, gels, air, and gases. Cutting fluids are made by animal fats, plants, and vegetable oils but most of them are made from petroleum distillation processes.

1. Emulsion

It is a liquid that looks like milk. The basic particles are oil-in-water or water-in-oil particles. Because they contain a lot of oil, the favorite food of anaerobic bacteria is oil, so bacteria are easy to use in this system. Massively multiply, so the emulsion deteriorates and stinks. At this time, it can't be used, it becomes "garbage", and we only have to find a way to deal with this "garbage".

Many friends didn't know how to deal with the emulsion before they were discharged directly

This kind of behavior is wrong. If this emulsion is directly discharged, it will cause a lot of pollution.

2. Semi-synthetic cutting fluid

In general, the appearance of this cutting fluid is very similar to that of the emulsion. The main difference is that the oil content is much smaller, but it still contains twenty-three percent of the oil. Because the oil content is small, it can be deteriorated for a while after the bactericide is combined. However, deterioration is still unavoidable. Once it deteriorates, it will face the same problems as an emulsion.

3. Fully synthetic cutting fluid

This cutting fluid is not contained in a drop of oil. Bacteria are not easy to breed. Even if the machine tool leaks into the system, the life of the chip liquid is much stronger than that of the emulsion and semi-synthetic cutting fluid. Moreover, with the development of science and technology over the past few years, the lubrication and rust resistance of fully synthetic cutting fluids have been extremely improved, even exceeding other types of cutting fluids.

Even after a long time, the impurities entered too much, and the fully synthetic cutting fluid became "garbage" which was not easy to use. It is also very simple to handle. It is allowed to stand for a while, get rid of the upper layer of floating, filter out the solid slag at the bottom, and use it again.

In conclusion, It is recommended to use a fully synthetic cutting fluid with a fully synthetic cutting fluid. After all, this is the lowest cost and cleanest.

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