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What are the factors affecting the grinding accuracy?

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What are the factors affecting the grinding accuracy?

Grinders can process materials with high hardness, such as hardened steel, cemented carbides, etc. They can also process brittle materials, such as glass and granite.The grinder can perform grinding with high precision and low surface roughness as well as rough grinding.Grinding machine is a machine which uses grinding tools to grind the surface of workpiece. With the increase of high precision and high hardness mechanical parts, as well as the development of precision casting and precision forging process, the performance, variety and output of the grinding machine are constantly increasing and increasing. At this time, it is particularly important to ensure the accuracy of the grinding machine. Now, let's analyze the factors affecting the accuracy of the grinding machine:

1. Oil cooler

The purpose of grinder oil cooler is mainly to stabilize the temperature of anti-wear hydraulic oil required for driving shaft movement. The temperature of oil is not high at first, but as time goes on, the oil temperature of anti-wear hydraulic oil will gradually increase. Later, the lathe body of the machine tool will be affected and thermal deformation will occur. The deformation of the lathe body will be 0.01mm when the temperature rises.It is very important to control the oil temperature of antiwear hydraulic oil. How to control the oil temperature is usually done by adding oil cooler.

2. Magnetic separator (paper-tape magnetic separator)

It is well known that grinding fluids contain residues which vary depending on the workpiece being ground. When these residues float in the slurry and are used as a medium in the grinding process of a grinder, they can seriously affect the grinding cleanliness.When your work piece is magnetically conductive, use a magnetic separator.Paper-tape magnetic separators are recommended when you have more precise processing requirements or when the work piece is not magnetically conductive (the device has paper-tape adsorption and better filtration)

3. Coolers

Temperature rise control of machine tools is very important, so good machine tools will be equipped with air coolers. Grinders have a heat source, which is the spindle. Cooling of the spindle is beneficial to the cooling of the machine tool and can extend the life of the spindle. Generally, air coolers can be installed at the rear of the spindle. Air extraction device is used at the upper part to keep the cold air circulating.This recommendation is mainly aimed at large grinders, which have a high spindle power and are prone to heat generation.Thermal elongation is a phenomenon after heating. Grinding of grooves is a fatal problem and the accuracy can not be guaranteed at all.

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