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What is Drilling and Milling Machine

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What is Drilling and Milling Machine

The drilling and milling machine is mechanical equipment combined with drilling, milling, boring, and grinding, and suitable for processing small and medium-sized parts.

Main Features

  • Our machine with belt drive and low noise. Suitable for drilling, expanding, reaming, and milling on all kinds of common materials.

  • It suitable for processing all kinds of soft and hard materials.

  • The machine bed is stable and strong.

Structural feature

The drilling and milling machine worktable can move vertically and horizontally. And the spindle vertical arrangement. It usually desktops, the spindle can lift and down, it`s a multi-purpose cutting machine combined with drilling, milling, boring, grinding, and tapping.

The headstock swivels ±90°and other machine worktable swivels ±45°.

The machine has an advanced and reasonable structure, light and flexible operation, and convenient maintenance.

The workpieces processed on this machine equipment can generally meet the requirements of IT8 precision and roughness.

The worktable can be manually fed in the longitudinal, horizontal and vertical directions. And the Workbench also can be used for longitudinal and horizontal automatic feeds in both directions, but there is no safety protection device for a limit stop.


Suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized parts processing, especially the cutting of non-ferrous metal materials, plastics and nylon. It has the advantages of simple structure and flexible operation. It is widely used in single or mass production manufacturing, instrument industry, building decoration, and repair department.

The drilling and milling machine is a small and medium-sized general metal cutting machine, which can be used for horizontal milling and vertical milling. Suitable for drilling, expanding, reaming, boring, and hole processing like use disc milling machine, angle milling cutter, forming milling cutter and face milling cutter, it also can ability to mill flat, inclined, vertical and grooves.

After installing the end milling head, it can be used as multi-directional milling work. The machine is suitable for general repair and tool workshops, single-piece, or small batch production workshops, because of its wide application.

The structure of this machine equipment is composed of eight main components: bed, base, worktable and sliding seat, sliding arm rotary seat, milling head, cooling and lubrication, and electrical system.

Dedicated to the policy of precision and promotion from stability, the group spares no effort in innovation, improvement, integrity management and insured quality.

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