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What is Shaper Machine ?

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What is Shaper Machine ?

The shaper is a planer that performs linear reciprocating motion. The ram carries a planer. It is named because the blade holder at the front of the ram looks like a bull's head. The shaper uses a ram with a planer to move horizontally and linearly. The tool holder can rotate at an angle in the vertical plane and can be manually fed. The worktable carries the workpiece for intermittent horizontal or vertical feed movement. It is often used for processing. Planes, grooves and dovetails, etc.

●Optimized principle design, beautiful appearance of the machine tool, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

● Adopt advanced super-frequency quenching technology, reliable performance, make the life of the machine tool longer.

● The vertical and horizontal guide rails adopt rectangular guide rails, which makes the accuracy more stable.

● Suitable for planing the plane, T-slot and forming surface of various small and medium-sized parts, and can be used for single-piece or batch production.

Shaper Machine Parts:
Shaper Machine consists of following parts:
  • Base

  • Column

  • Table

  • Cross rail

  • Ram

  • Clapper Box

  • Elevating Screw


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