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What is a horizontal boring and milling machine?

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What is a horizontal boring and milling machine?

What is a horizontal boring and milling machine?

Horizontal boring machines are machine tools that drill holes in the horizontal direction. There are three types: floor type, table type, and planer type. Boring and milling machines can easily machine very large parts and allow end users to reach small cavities.


The horizontal boring machine is composed of a bed, a column, a saddle, a ram and a spindle. The X axis is the longitudinal travel of the machine tool on the bed. The Y axis is the vertical travel along the saddle. The Z axis and W axis are the inward and outward strokes of the plunger and the boring tool spindle, respectively. The saddle is connected to the counterweight placed in the column through the pulley on the top of the column through a steel cable to eliminate its own weight. Each axis is precisely driven by a ball screw or rack and pinion.

The workpiece is placed on the floor installed on the front side of the machine, and is cut with the operation of each axis. After the turntable is installed, the workpiece can be rotated, and then its back side can be cut, etc.

Comparison of horizontal boring and milling machines

The difference between a horizontal boring machine and a vertical boring machine is that the workpiece of the horizontal milling machine is stationary, and the tool is rotating. The vertical boring machine will have a fixed tool when the workpiece is rotating. The horizontal boring and milling machine has more functions because the machine does not limit the size of the parts.

Advantages of horizontal mill

Boring is one of the most common machining processes. However, not all types of boring machines can manufacture customized machined parts for the industrial sector. Whether it is because of the size of the part or the required accuracy, some machines are simply not suitable. Horizontal boring machines can produce unique industrial parts. The following are some of the advantages of horizontal boring machines.

Able to produce large format elements

Some horizontal boring machines have an advantage that other machining tools do not have: they can produce very large workpieces. This equipment allows the creation of large-size parts, and is especially suitable for industries such as agriculture or industrial machinery.

Able to produce a large number of parts

Horizontal boring machines have high cutting speeds and can even perform multiple cuts at the same time, depending on the machine tool. This feature is particularly useful when the industry needs to produce and deliver a large number of mechanical parts in a short period of time.

Minimize tool deflection
When the resistance encountered by the tool is greater than the resistance it can easily compensate, bending or deflection of the machining process will occur. When the tool is subjected to excessive force, this may result in an incorrect drilling angle. An example of this is when the drill bit is too far away from the anchor point when drilling. The design of the horizontal boring machine ensures that the drilling is always consistent and accurate, because the distance is never too large.

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