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What is the difference between vertical and horizontal machining centers

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What is the difference between vertical and horizontal machining centers

Vertical machining center is a highly automatic multi-functional CNC machine tool with tool base and automatic tool changing device.
  Horizontal machining center refers to a machining center whose axis of the spindle is set parallel to the worktable and is mainly suitable for machining box-type parts.Its working principle is that after the workpiece is clamped once on the machining center, the computer can automatically select different tools, automatically change the speed of the spindle of the machine tool, and finish the multi-process machining on several surfaces of the workpiece in turn.His advantage is that he can greatly improve production efficiency, but it covers a large area and costs a lot. 

Vertical machining center refers to the machining center with vertical spindle. Its structure is mostly fixed column and the working table is rectangular without indexing rotation function. It is suitable for processing disc, sleeve and plate parts. Generally, it has three straight movement coordinate axes and can be installed with a rotary table which rotates along the horizontal axis to process spiral parts.

  Vertical machining center is easy to load, operate, observe and debug, and is widely used.However, due to the height of the pillar and the restriction of tool changing device, the parts that are too high can not be machined. When machining the cavity or concave profile, the chips are not easy to discharge. In serious cases, the tool will be damaged, the machined surface will be destroyed and the smooth processing will be affected.
  Horizontal machining center refers to a machining center with horizontal spindle and automatic indexing turntable. It generally has 3-5 motion coordinates. Generally, three straight motion coordinates plus one rotary motion coordinate are used. After loading the workpiece once, it completes the machining of the remaining four surfaces except the mounting surface and the top surface. It is suitable for adding box-type parts.Horizontal machining centers are easier to remove chips than vertical machining centers, which are beneficial to processing, but have complex structures and higher prices.

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