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What is the function of 3 axis cnc milling machine?

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What is the function of 3 axis cnc milling machine?

The definition of a 3 axis CNC milling machine tool enables the machine tool to move three different axes at the same time. CNC milling is one of the most commonly used and most important CNC machining methods in machining. In addition to milling the surface of various parts, it can also mill complex surface contours. From the perspective of milling processing, there are mainly three types of processing objects suitable for CNC milling processing.

1.Flat parts

The part whose processing surface is parallel or perpendicular to the horizontal plane, or the angle between the processing surface and the horizontal plane is a fixed angle, is flat. At present, the vast majority of parts processed on CNC milling machines are plane parts. The characteristic of plane parts is that each processing surface is flat or can be expanded into a flat surface. Planar parts are the simplest type of parts in CNC milling processing objects. Generally, they can be processed only with the 2-coordinate linkage of the 3-coordinate CNC milling machine.

2. Variable bevel parts

Parts in which the included angle between the processing surface and the horizontal plane changes continuously are called variable bevel parts. Such as integral beams, frames, edges, and ribs on airplanes. In addition, there are inspection jigs and assembly frames that also belong to variable bevel parts.

3. Surface parts

Parts whose processing surface is a space surface are called surface-type parts. The machined surface of curved parts cannot be expanded into a plane. During processing, the machined surface and the milling cutter are always in point contact. A 3 coordinate CNC milling machine is generally used to process surface parts. When the curved surface is more complicated, the passage is narrow, the adjacent surface will be damaged, and the tool needs to be swayed, a 4-coordinate or 5-coordinate milling machine should be used.

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