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What workpieces can a CNC milling machine process?

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What workpieces can a CNC milling machine process?

(1) Boxlike parts

There are many kinds of box-type parts. Generally, multi-station hole system and plane machining are required with high precision, especially the requirement of shape accuracy and position accuracy is more stringent. Usually, the box-type parts need more cutters through milling, drilling, expanding, boring, reaming, spot, threading and other steps. It is difficult to process on common machine tools, more tooling sets, multiple fixture and alignment, and more manual measurements are required.The precision is not easy to guarantee.

Installation in one time on CNC milling machine can accomplish 60%-95% of the work content of common machine tools. The parts have good consistency in accuracy, stable quality and short production cycle.


(2) Disc, sleeve and plate parts

These parts have planes, surfaces and hole systems on their end surfaces.Radial holes are also commonly distributed.Vertical CNC milling machine should be selected for disc, sleeve and plate parts whose machining parts are concentrated on a single end face. Horizontal CNC milling machine should be selected for parts whose machining parts are not located on the same direction surface.


(3) Cam parts

  These parts have various curved disc cams, cylindrical cams, conical cams and end cams, etc. When machining, CNC milling machine with three, four or five axes linkage can be selected according to the complexity of cam surface.


(4) Integral impeller parts

Impeller is commonly used in compressor of aircraft engine, air compressor, underwater propeller of ship, etc. Besides the characteristics of general surface machining, it also has many special machining difficulties, such as narrow passage through CNC milling machine, and the cutter can easily interfere with the machined surface and adjacent surface.The blade surface is a typical three-dimensional space surface. To machine such a surface, a CNC milling machine with four or more axes can be used.


(5) Irregular shaped parts

  Profile parts refer to the irregular shape parts of support and fork of CNC milling machine, which are mostly processed by multi-station mixing of key points, lines and surfaces.Due to irregular shape, the principle of scattered working procedures can only be adopted on common machine tools, which requires more tooling and has a longer cycle.By utilizing the characteristics of multi-position, line and surface mixed machining of CNC milling machine, most or even all process contents can be completed.

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