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When To Choose CNC Machining Over Conventional Machining?

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When To Choose CNC Machining Over Conventional Machining?

CNC machines can be used for all of the same manufacturing and fabrication purposes as conventional machines. Though one is automated and the other is manual, both methods work to machine a starting material into a desired size and shape. CNC machining can be a good choice over conventional machining for just about any manufacturing and fabrication purpose.

Benefits of Choosing CNC Machining

The reason why you may want to go with CNC machining over conventional machining methods is that it offers numerous attractive benefits. These benefits can be broken down into four main categories.

1. Quality

CNC machining is an incredibly accurate process, capable of creating parts made to the exact specifications detailed in the digital template. Every detail of the production is fed to the machine itself, entirely eliminating human error from the machining process. Greater accuracy means that parts made with CNC machines are also higher in quality.

2. Versatility

Autonomous CNC machines also allow for more versatility in manufacturing. Advanced design software makes it possible for these machines to create pieces that would be much more difficult or nearly impossible to replicate manually. They can provide outputs of just about any shape and size, and are capable of working with a wide range of different materials, including metals and polymers.

3. Efficiency

Automation invariably leads to greater speed and efficiency in any manufacturing process. CNC machines are capable of running around-the-clock with no interruptions. Additionally, once a CNC machine has been programmed with a certain design, it can repeat the exact same design over and over again with the same level of detail and precision every single time. This makes CNC machining essential for scalability.

4. Savings
By removing human error from the machining process, CNC machining helps to eliminate unnecessary waste. This then gets passed along to you in the form of savings on the cost of materials. Greater versatility and efficiency likewise equate to greater profits. CNC machining can enhance your ability to make the exact products requested by clients and to meet high levels of product demand.

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