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Why Casting? Precision Casting is Important!

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Why Casting? Precision Casting is Important!

Castings are mainly used as blanks for machine parts, and some precision castings can also be used directly as machine parts. Casting occupies an age proportion of mechanical products. for example, in tracks, the weight of castings accounts for about50-70% of the weight of the whole machine, 40-70% in agricultural machinery, and 70-0% in machine tools and internal combustion engines. Among all kinds of castings, mechanical castings have the most varieties, the most complex shapes, and the agest amount accounting for about 60% of the total casting output. Followed by ingot molds for metallurgy and pipelines for engineering.

The non-/machined surface and appearance quality of castings have a considerable influence on the commercial properties of castings. They include.

(1)Surface unevenness (box expansion, shrinkage, and sand inclusion).
(2) Surface or inner cavity cleanliness (sticky sand, sticky "paint layer").
(3) Flatness deviation (unworked surface undulations).
(4) Surface roughness.

(5)Contour definition (contour definition of structural units such as bosses and umbilicus, evaluated with the naked eye).

Why casting?

Casting simplifies the process of forming metal into products. Basically, molten metal is poured into a mold to create the desired pattern. To remove the pattern or part, a slight taper often called a draft is used on the pattern surfaces. If needed, passages, or cavities, within the casting are made by inserting cores into the casting box once the pattern is removed.
A casting results in fewer components and fewer parts needing to be put together. A weldment that was once a dozen pieces can be cast into one part. That means less assembly time, simpler inventory control, and a drop in overall price because less machining is required. Plus, the overall versatility of casting is incredible.

Dedicated to the policy of precision and promotion from stability, the group spares no effort in innovation, improvement, integrity management and insured quality.

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