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Working principle of common milling machine and CNC milling machine

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Working principle of common milling machine and CNC milling machine

Working principle of common milling machine:

The main motion of the milling machine is the rotation of the milling cutter, On most milling machines (such as vertical lifting table milling machine), the feed motion is realized by the linear motion of the workpiece perpendicular to the axis of the milling cutter. On a few milling machines (such as horizontal lifting table milling machine), the feed motion is the rotary motion or curve motion of the workpiece.

In order to adapt to the processing shape and size of the workpiece, the milling machine has three mutually perpendicular directions of adjustment movement, and according to the processing requirements, it can realize the feed movement in any direction.

On the milling machine, the movement of workpiece feeding and adjusting the relative position of cutter and workpiece can be realized by workpiece or by cutter and workpiece respectively according to the type of machine tool.

When the machine tool worktable feed handle is operated, the direction of the handle is the direction of the worktable feed movement, so it is not easy to make mistakes.

On the front and left side of the machine tool, there are a group of buttons and handles for the compound operators to operate in different positions. On the longitudinal screw shoulder of the worktable, there is a double nut clearance adjustment device. Therefore, the reversible milling can be used for forward milling, and the speed control relay is used for braking, which can quickly stop the rotation of the spindle.



Working principle of CNC milling machine:

On the NC milling machine, the processing process, process parameters and relative displacement of the machined parts are written into a processing program sheet with NC language, and then the program is input into the NC device, and the NC device will control various operations of the machine tool and the relative displacement of the cutter and the workpiece according to the NC instructions.

When the part processing program is finished, the machine tool will stop automatically and process qualified parts. The process can be divided into production process and technological process.

The production process is the whole process of transforming raw materials into finished products. Technological process is the process of changing the shape, size, relative position and nature of the production object to make it into finished or semi-finished product.

In addition to manual loading and unloading, all the processing processes of CNC milling machine are completed automatically. In flexible manufacturing system, loading and unloading, detection, diagnosis, tool setting, transmission, scheduling and management are also completed automatically by the machine.

The control information of automatic machining on CNC machine tool is the machining program. When the machining object changes, in addition to changing the cutting tool and solving the workpiece clamping mode, as long as the machining program of the part is rewritten and input, the new part can be automatically machined without any complex adjustment to the machine tool. In this way, the production preparation cycle is shortened, and the development and application of new products are provided The improvement and modification of products provide a shortcut. CNC milling machine has a high degree of automation, which can complete more surface processing in one clamping, eliminating marking, multiple clamping, detection and other work; on the other hand, CNC machine tool has high movement speed and short idle travel time.

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