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How to Choose a CNC Machine for Education and Training

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How to Choose a CNC Machine for Education and Training

We are always in a university and see big industrial machine tools sitting on a shop floor completely unused. Why is this?

This is a classic example of purchasing the wrong piece of equipment for teaching purposes. Programs like engineering, biomedicine, graphic design, industrial design, and woodshop classes all need to teach students how to operate CNC equipment. However, large, industrial machines are intimidating, unsafe, and difficult to use. Hence they go unused.

Thus, WMTCNC produces two types of CNC machines that are very suitable for school education and training. And these CNC machines are safe and easy to operate. WMTCNC ensures that the relevant safety precautions for operating CNC machineryin the school are implemented and that teachers have had the appropriate training and have attained the required levels of competency in the CNC system provided.

Why Choose WMTCNC Machine?

  • Ensure your machines are actually usable for students.
  • Ensure the safety of your students.

How does CNC help students? 

By using modern technology such as CNC in schools, students can develop key industrial skills such as:

  • Problem-solving

  • Creativity
  • Independent thinking
  • Teamwork

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