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CD6240C China Manual Lathe Machine Price for Sale

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Specification CD6240B/C
Max.swing over bed Φ400mm
Max.swing over cross slide Φ225mm
Max.swing over gap Φ550mm
Effective length of gap 260mm
Center Distance 1000mm/1500mm/2000mm/3000mm
Bed Width 330mm
Spindle hole B:Φ65mm,C: Φ80mm
Spindle nose B:ISO-D6,C:ISO-D8
Spindle speed(Number) B:20-1800rpm(15steps) C:/24-1600rpm(15steps)
Longitudinal feeds range 66kinds 0.072-4.038mm/rev(0.0027-0.15inch/rev)
Cross feeds range 66kinds 0.036-2.019mm/rev(0.0013-0.075inch/rev)
Metric threads range 66kinds 0.5-28
Inch threads range 66kinds 1-56inch
Module threads range 33kinds 0.5-3.5mπ
Diametric threads range 33kinds 8-56D.P of top slide 130mm of cross slide 300mm
Max.size of tool shank 20×20mm/25×25mm
Dia.of tailstock sleeve Φ65mm
Taper of tailstock sleeve MT5 of tailstock 120mm
Main drive motor 5.5kw or 7.5kw
Rapid traverse motor 250w
Coolant pump motor 125w
Packing size 1000mm:2420mm×1150mm×1800mm 1500mm:2920mm×1150mm×1800mm 2000mm:3460mm×1150mm×1800mm 3000mm:4720mm×1150mm×1800mm
N.W/G.W 1000mm:1560/2210kgs 1600/2250kgs 1640/2290kgs

1500mm:1770/2410kgs 1830/2470kgs 1870/2530kgs

2000mm:2010/2780kgs 2070/2820kgs 2130/2860kgs

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