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China Horizontal Surface Grinding Machines MD618A Bench Grinder

  • MD618A
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Product Description

1. Based on manual surface grinder, it covert the longitudinal and vertical machine to fully automatic.
2. The bidirectional friction electronic clutch, simple and reliable structure, clutch reversing process has no impact, no noise, safe commutation 5000000 times; the electric control part with electronic switching frequency switching, the service life 10 times longer than the relay control, simple operation, sensitive, infinitely variable; large output torque, low noise, safe and reliable.
3. Power supply use a number of mechanical and electrical protection function which is safe voltage, energy saving, power saving, power consumption per class (calculated according to 8 hours) is only 0.6.
4. When the manual grinding is working, before and after the workbench's movement, in and out, around the reversing are automatic operation, greatly improving the production's efficiency and the surface finish, suitable scope that from the original single, small batch to mass batch.


Model Unit MD618A
Max.workpiece to be ground(LXW) m 460x180
Maximum travel of table(L X W) m 500x190
Table maximum cutting area(LX W) m 500x190
Number of T-Slot mm 1x14
Distance from table surface to spindle center mm 335
Wheel size(dia X width X bore) mm φ180x13xφ31 .75
Spindle speeds (50HZ) r/m 2800
Table longitudinal (left and right) speed (stepless) m/min 3--23
Table horizontal (before and after) the amount of feed Continuous (variable speed) mm/min 150
Intermittent (stepless) mm 0-5
The handwheel rotatos mm 2.5
Hand wheel each grid mm 0.02
Vertical (up and down) feed The handwheel rotates mm 1 .25
Hand wheel each grid mm 0.01
The total input power w 150
X-feeder outout speed /min 0-225
X-feeder size m 280*130*120
Spindle motor kw 1.1
Cooling motor w 40
The machined surface of the base of parallelism mm 300/0.005
Surface roughness μm
Net T 0.75
Cross T 0.8
Packing size (LxWxH) mm 1080×1240×1900

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