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DK7735 China CNC Wire Cutting Machine for Sale

  • DK7735
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  • This series of machine tools are used with a matched impulse electric cabinet.

  • Z-axis is driven by Japan Sanyo DC servo motor, with a Z-axis numerical control features, X Y axis adopts precise ball screw, and precision optical grating digital display shows the coordinate which makes coordinates have high positioning accuracy. 

  • Electric cabinet adopts the most advanced industry-specific industrial control board,strong function, good stability, simple operation, as long as input a few parameters such as Z-axis depth,it will select a set of suitable data from the expert database system that matches the processing, and process from the rough processing to finish once automatically.

DK7735 (2)

Specification DK7735
Worktable size 380*650mm
Worktable travel 350*450mm
Max.workpiece cutting thickness 400mm
Machining precision 0.015mm
Max.cutting speed 150mm²/min
Cutting taper ±6°
Worktable’s max. load 400kg
Wire electrode diameter 0.18mm
Machine tool overall size 1650x1150x1700mm
Machine tool’s weight 1150kg
Machine tool’s total power 2kw AC380V/220V 50HZ
Guide rail Hardened-steel or linear
Programming and controller Autocut
X,Y axis motor stepper
U\V axis motor stepper
Cutting time Single(or triple)
Roughness 2.5μm(single cut)/   1.6μm(triple cut)
Wire speed 11m/s

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