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Engine Lathe CQ6280-3000-High Precision Engine Lathe Taper Attachment & DRO Optional

  • CQ6280B-3000
  • WMT
  • 84581900

Product Description


  • Perform internal and external turning, taper turning, end facing, and other rotary parts turning;

  • Threading Inch, Metric, Module and D.P.;

  • Perform drilling, boring and groove broaching;

  • Respectively with through-hole spindle bore, that can hold bar stocks in larger diameters;

  • Both Inch and Metric system are used on these series lathes, it's easy for people from different measuring systems countries;


Specification CS6240 CS6250B CS6266B CQ6280B CS6250C CS6266C CQ6280C
Max. swing over bed Φ400mm Φ500mm Φ660mm Φ800mm Φ500mm Φ660mm Φ800mm
Max. swing in gap Φ630mm Φ710mm Φ870mm Φ1000mm Φ710mm Φ870mm Φ1000mm
Max. swing over slide Φ220mm Φ300mm Φ420mm Φ560mm Φ300mm Φ420mm Φ560mm
Max. workpiece length 750/1000/1500/2000/3000mm 1000/1500mm 2000/3000mm 1000/1500mm 2000/3000mm
2000/3000mm 2000/3000mm
Spindle bore Φ52mm Φ82mm Φ105mm
Type of spindle CS6240:ISO 702/III NO.6 bayonet lock;others:ISO 702/II NO.8 com-lock type
Spindle speed 24 steps 9-1600rpm 24 steps 12 steps 12 steps
8-1400rpm 36-1600rpm 30-1400rpm
Spindle motor 7.5kw
Diameter of quill Φ75mm Φ90mm
Max. travel of quill 150mm
Taper of quill MT5
Tool O.D. size 25×25mm
Max. X travel 145mm
Max. Z travel 320mm 310mm 320mm
X feed range 93 kinds 0.028-6.43mm/r 65 kinds 0.063-2.52mm/r
Z feed range 93 kinds 0.012-2.73mm/r 65 kinds 0.027-1.07mm/r
Metric threads 48 kinds 0.5-224mm 22 kinds 1-14mm
Inch threads 48 kinds 72-1/4t.p.i 25 kinds 28-2t.p.i
Module threads 42 kinds 0.5-112 πmm 18 kinds 0.5-7πmm
Diametric pitch 42 kinds 56-1/4 t.p.i.π 24 kinds 56-4t.p.i.π
Cooling pump 60w
Length 2382/2632/3132/3632/4632mm 2632/3132mm 3365/4365mm 2632/3132mm 3365/4365mm
3632/4632mm 3632/4632mm
Width 975mm 1050mm 1340mm 975mm 1340mm
Height 1230mm 1350mm 1430mm 1270mm 1450mm 1490mm
N.W/G.W 1795/2050kgs 2050/2100kgs 2400/2600kgs 3300/3700kgs 2100/2300kgs 2200/2400kgs 3000/3200kgs
2250/2450/2850kgs 2300/2500/2900kgs 2800/3000kgs 2500/2900kgs 2600/3000kgs

Standard accessories:

  • 3 jaw chuck

  • 4 jaw chuck

  • Face plate

  • Coolant system

  • Working light

  • Foot brake

  • Rapid travel

  • Steady rest

  • Follow rest

  • Change gears set

  • Tool box& tools

Dedicated to the policy of precision and promotion from stability, the group spares no effort in innovation, improvement, integrity management and insured quality.

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