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HP-63 Hydraulic Shop Press

  • HP-63
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Product Description


  • HP-63 60 ton hydraulic press machine price are used for assembling, dismantling, alignment, calendaring, tension, bending and punching.

  • The machine supplied oil by Italy CNK and CBZ pump.

  • It could save 60 percent energy compared with the traditional model.

  • The efficiency increased to 2-3 times.


Model  Capacity Pressure Travel Table size Dimension Weight
HP-10 100kn 25mpa 200mm+200mm 260x300mm 1000x450x1200mm 220kgs
HP-20 200kn 25mpa 200mm+250mm 260x300mm 1160x550x1500mm 320kgs
HP-30 300kn 25mpa 200mm+270mm 300x400mm 1160x550x1600mm 420kgs
HP-50 500kn 25mpa 220mm+405mm 480x360mm 1500x650x1950mm 980kgs
HP-63 630kn 30mpa 220mm+405mm 400x500mm 1500x650x1950mm 1020kgs
HP-100 1000kn 30mpa 220mm+405mm 440x980mm 1730x730x2200mm+730x630x960mm 1220kgs
HP-150 1500kn 30mpa 220mm+405mm 440x980mm 1730x730x2200mm+730x630x960mm 1350kgs
HP-200 2000kn 30mpa 300mm+405mm 500x980mm 1800x800x2200mm+830x730x1260mm 2200kgs
HP-250 2500kn 30mpa 300mm+405mm 500x980mm 1800x800x2250mm+830x730x1260mm 2400kgs

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