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Hydraulic Clamping ZB3060/16 Cheap China Radial Drilling Machine Price

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Model ZB3060×16
Max. drilling diameter (on Medium-carbon steel) φ62
Max. drilling diameter( on cast iron) φ72
Max. tapping diameter (on Medium-carbon steel) M46
Max. tapping diameter (on cast iron) M52
Max.Distance from spindle to generating line of column 350-1600
Distance of horizontal movement for spindle box(manual) 1250
Max. distance between spindle end to the worktable surface of the base 350-1250
Max. travel of the spindle 315
Spindle taper bore MT.5
Spindle speed steps Stepless
Spindle speed range 38-275; 275-2000
Spindle feed steps 8
Spindle feed range 0.06-1.00
Speed of rocker arm up and down movement 1.2
Rotation angle of rocker arm. ±180
Distance of spindle movement for calibrated dial each revolution 122
Power of main motor(tranducer motor) 4
Power of motor for rocker arm up and down movement 1.5
Power of oil pump motor for spindle box, column and rocker arm clamping 0.75
Weight of machine(without worktable) 3800
Machine dimension (L x W x H) 2490×1000×2598

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