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JRTH40 Popular Portable Line Boring And Welding Machine for Sale From China

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Product Description


  • Modular components make setup quick and easy;

  • Two electric motors make the machine easy to control;

  • Flexible and high quality design,aluminum alloy frame make the machine portable;

  • Optional facer tool make the machine versabile;

  • Spherical bearing mounts system allow quick setup;

  • Gear box allow manual and automatic feed;

  • Powered by a brushless DC motor,powerful and stable.


Specification JRTH40
Boring bar diameter 40mm(1.57 inches)
Length of standard boring bar 1500mm(59.06 inches)(customized)
Boring Diameter 45-200mm(1.77-7.87 inches)
Power unit DC motor 1.5kw
Roating speed 0-100rpm(variable speed change)
Boring stroke 390mm(15.35 inches)
Axial feed speed 0-100mm/min(variable speed change)
Welding diameter range(standard) 50-300mm(1.97-11.8 inches)
Axial feed per revolution 0-100mm/min
Welding machine Inert gas shielded welding
Inert gas 70% carbon dioxide and 30% argon gas
Axial travel(standard) 390mm-customizable
Welding torch length 1200mm-customizable
Wire diameter range 0.8-1.0mm
Facing diameter(Optional) 50-260mm

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