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Metal Lathes C6256- Industrial Grade Big Bore High Precision Engine Lathe

  • C6256
  • WMT
  • 84581900

Product Description


  • Full gear head

  • High precision engine lathe

  • Bigger swing diameter and spindle engine lathe

C6256 engine lathe

Specification C6256
Swing over bed Φ560mm
Swing over cross slide Φ350mm
Swing in gap Φ788mm
Distance between centers 1000mm/1500mm/2000mm/3000mm
Valid length of gap 165mm 200mm
Width of bed 300mm 350mm
Spindle nose D1-6 D1-8
Spindle bore Φ58mm Φ80mm
Taper of spindle bore MT6 MT7
Range of spindle speed 12 changes, 25-2000r/min 12changes,25-1600r/min of top slide 128mm 130mm of cross slide 285mm 326mm
Max.section of tool 25×25mm
Pitch thread of leadscrew 6mm or 4T.P.I.
Longitudinal feeds range 42 kinds,0.031-1.7mm/rev 35kinds,0.059-1.646mm/rev
Cross feeds range 42 kinds, 0.014-0.784mm/rev 35kinds,0.020-0.573mm
Metric threads range 41 kinds, 0.1-14mm 47kinds,0.2-14mm
Inch threads range 60 kinds, 2-112T.P.I. 60kinds,2-112T.P.I
Diametrical pitches range 50 kinds, 4-112DP 50kinds,4-112D.P.
Module pitches range 34 kinds, 0.1-7MP 39kinds,0.1-7M.P.
Tailstock quill diameter Φ60mm Φ75mm
Tailstock quill travel 128mm 180mm
Tailstock quill taper MT4 MT5
Power of main motor 5.5kw(7.5HP) 3PH 7.5kw(10HP)3PH
Power of coolant pump 0.1kw(1/8HP) 3PH
Overall dimension  2200/2750/3250×1080×1370mm 2900/3400×1120×1430mm
Packing size 2250/2800/3300×1120×1620mm 2960/3460×1130×1820mm
Net weight 1670/1920/2070kgs 2335/2685kgs
Gross weight 1980/2265/2450kgs 2700/3070kgs

Standard Equipment

  • 3-jaw chuck

  • 4-jaw face plate chuck

  • Face plate

  • Quick change tool post

  • Taper turning attachment

  • 2 axis digital readout system

  • Coolant system

  • Steady and follow rests

  • Stop spindle

  • Splash guard

  • Chuck guard

  • Foot brake pedal

  • Halogen work lamp

  • Reducing sleeve

  • Steady center

  • Thread gauge

  • Operating manual & tools

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