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T6111B Good Quality floor Type Horizontal Milling And Boring Machine  with Rear Pillar 

  • T611B
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This machine is a general machine tool, which can be used for boring, boring, counterboring, counterfacing, turning thread and milling, etc. With a fixed flat rotary disc, the slide block of the flat rotary disc can be used for radial feeding. As a result, it can bore larger size holes outside the car

Circles, planes, grooves, etc.


Specification T6111B
The spindle diameter φ110mm
Maximum torque of spindle 1225NM
Maximum torsional moment of flat disk 1960NM
The spindle can withstand the maximum axial resistance 12250N
Taper of spindle inner bore Morse6
Bench stroke
The longitudinal 1000mm
The transverse 900mm
The center line of the spindle is the distance from the working table
The biggest 1100mm
The minimum 0
Maximum travel of spindle 600mm
Maximum stroke of radial tool rest of flat rotary disc 180mm
The table can bear the maximum weight 3500kg
Series of spindle speed 22th
Spindle speed range 8-1000r/min
Series of speed of flat rotary disk 18th
Speed range of flat rotary disc 4-200r/min
Working area of table (length × width) 1100×9601250×1100mm
Spindle, headstock, table vertical and horizontal fast moving speed 2500mm/min
Work fast turning speed 1r/min
Per spindle, spindle box, table feed series 18thhigh or low speed
Horizontal rotary plate per revolution, horizontal rotary plate slider, spindle box, table in vertical and horizontal feed series 18th
Horizontal rotary disk per revolution, horizontal rotary disk slider, spindle disk, table in vertical and horizontal feed range 0.08-12mm
longitudinal and transverse feeding ranges of the spindle, headstock, and table for each turn
When the spindle is 8-400min 0.04-6mm
When the spindle is 500-1000min 0.01-1.88mm
Measurement system reading accuracy (metric) 0.005mm
Boring accuracy 1T7
Bore surface roughness 3.2-1.6
specification Bore diameterΦ50-240mm distance from Boring tool to the spindle≤450mm
Overall size of bed (length x width x height) 4910×2454×2950mm
Machine weight (approx.) 11500kg
Main motor power 7.5KW
Main motor speed 1450r/min

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