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TPX6213Hot Sale Milling And Boring Machine with Certificate

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Product Description


TPX6213 floor type boring machine can be adapted to machine casting, steel, and nonferrous word- places.

Operations include drilling, hole enlarging, boring, reaming, plane milling, spot facing, threading, and other machining processes.

The faceplate slide can be fed radically, which enables the machine to bore large size holes, turning outside diameters, and grooving.

This series of machine can be used in the industries of energy, metallurgy, mining, machinery, military, etc it is a reliable choice for machining box- type part.

Spindle is stepless speed, 4 steps speed-change by mechanical shift, 2 steps feed by mechanical shift, box ways and facing head is balanced reducing type.


Specification TPX6213
Spindle bore diameter 130mm
Maximum allowable torque of spindle 3136.Nm
Maximum feed resistance (axial) 31360N
Maximum allowable torsional moment for milling shaft 3136.Nm
Maximum allowable torsional moment of the flat disk 4900Nm
Taper of spindle inner bore Metric“80”(7:24-NO50)
Maximum travel of spindle 900mm
Maximum stroke of radial tool rest of flat rotary disc 250mm
Spindle center line from bed bottom distance:maximum 3035mm


                                         minimum 1435mm
Number of spindle rotations 24种
Spindle speed range 4-800r/min
Number of rotation speed of flat rotary disc 18种
Speed range of flat rotary disc 2.5-125r/min
Main shaft, spindle, spindle box, column slide seat feed number 18种
When the spindle turns, the feed range of the spindle, headstock and column slide seat
The spindle is at 4-200r/min 0.05-8mm/min
Spindle at 250-800r/min 0.01-2mm/min
The number of feed types of slide block, spindle box and column slide seat of the flat rotary disk for each turn 18种
The feed range of slide block, spindle box and column slide seat of the flat rotary disc for each turn 0.07-12.5m/min
Maximum travel of headstock 1600/1800/2000/2500mm
Maximum travel of column slide seat 1750mm
Fast moving speed of spindle, headstock and column slide seat 2500mm/min
Main motor power 15kw
Main motor speed 970r/min
Fast moving motor power 5.5kw
Fast moving motor speed 960r/min
Hydraulic system oil pump motor power 1.5kw
Hydraulic system oil pump motor speed 1400r/min
Measuring system reading accuracy 0.005mm
Boring accuracy 1T7
Surface roughness 3.2-1.6

Dedicated to the policy of precision and promotion from stability, the group spares no effort in innovation, improvement, integrity management and insured quality.

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