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WMTCNC Vertical Sawing Machine H-1000 Cutting Machine with Double Worktable

  • H-1000

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1. Vertical band saw machine is the international common and industrial development indispensable cutting machinery.
2. Whether it is general metal material cutting, where the saw blade can be cut, such as straight line, waveform material, inside and outside the round all kinds of patterns and other shapes cutting, angle cutting, etc.
3. Whether it is copper, iron, alloy, plastic film, wood, leather, rubber, cloth, etc., as long as the good choice of saw blade, can do high efficiency cutting.
4. And there are dozens of types of saw blades, so you can choose the blade according to your own habits.



Model H-600 H-1000
Max. sawing width/Throat depth 595mm 1020mm
Max. sawing thickness/Height 320mm 330mm
Worktable size 580x700mm 500mmx600mmx2
Saw blade length 4300mm 4700mm
Saw blade width 5-19m/m 5-19m/m
Worktable tilt angle Front and back 10, left and right 15 Front and back 10, left and right 15
Main motor power 50Hz 3.2HP 3.2HP
Transmission power 50Hz 1HP 1HP
Saw belt speed 50Hz
Welking capacity 5.0KVA 5.0KVA
Machine size 1360*900*2070mm 1950*920*1800mm
Machine weight 650kg 650kg

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